Thursday, January 28, 2021

Accessible workplaces – accommodations on mobile devices today and in the future

A #ZeroCon21 partner session

Mobile technologies can help overcome many barriers faced by people with disabilities and older citizens in the workplace. In this roundtable, organized as a partner session at the Zero Project conference 2021, we will explore which features current mobile technologies offer to support people in the workplace including integrated screen-readers, magnification, virtual assistants, speech-to-text, assistive instructions, and voice control etc. In the second part of the discussion, we will focus on emerging technologies such artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and the Internet of Things, to glimpse at what is coming next. 

In between the two panels sharing experience and tips for resources to learn more, we will invite attendees to share stories about how they are using mobile technologies in the workplace right now, what works and what does not. 

Our focus will be on available solutions in the marketplace today and tomorrow, how to increase reach and impact of these technologies, and reduce cost of accommodations in the workplace. 

Who should attend? 

Everyone interested in using mobile technology to support people with disabilities in the workplace, especially employers, AT funding authorities and policy makers of low- and medium-income countries to explore how to achieve impact and best value reducing costs and extending reach across a larger population. 

How to attend? 

Please register to the Zero Project Conference 2021: - it only takes 2 minutes. 

The link to our session will then be shared in the conference agenda and will be promoted in the Twitter accounts @DaveBanesAccess and @GARIupdates

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