Sunday, June 9, 2013

GARI presented to South African Disability Consultative Forum (SA DCF)

On 31 May 2013, MMF presented the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative to the SA Disability Consultative Forum which appreciated the initiative. Organisations represented in the forum expressed interest to utilise GARI and to support the further development of GARI by spreading the news and by participating in the yearly stakeholder review at the end of 2013. Already prior to this meeting Vodacom SA, the biggest mobile network operator in South Africa and present in many other African countries, included a link to GARI on its website which is a huge step forward in the African context.

The South African Disability Consultative Forum (SA DCF) is a young institution aiming at bettering the inclusion of people with disabilities by developing their personal and economic potentials via accessible mobile communication equipment: During 2011 ICASA, the SA Telecom Regulator organised a National Summit for people with disabilities and all organisations related to disability issues, network operators, manufacturers and service providers. At this summit the disability sector requested that ICASA establish a Disability Forum with the aim to consult with organisations active in this field and all other relevant stakeholders on disability and telecom matters. The forum then provides feedback and advice to ICASA .   
As a result ICASA established the Disability Consultative Forum in 2012. The executive team and the members of this forum consist of organisations, manufacturers, network operators and service providers. The forum was officially launched on 10 May 2013.