Thursday, May 20, 2021

Over 70% of people find the accessible device they are looking for on GARI - just one stat from the latest Annual Report

Learn about the progress made with GARI in 2020, the number of devices in the database, new languages added and new videos explaining how to find and activate accessibility features in your device as well as what’s to come in 2021. 

The report starts off with an overview of key statistics from 2020: 

  • over 63,500 unique monthly visits to the GARI website and database 
  • 1,500+ devices listed with their accessibility information 
  • 66% of advanced searches on GARI relate to hearing features
  • 20 language versions of GARI
  • 30+ manufacturers participating in GARI
  • 82% of searches in GARI relate to mobile phones
  • 14 videos on how to find and activate accessibility features in devices
  • 70% of visitors to GARI find what they are looking for
  • 40+ organizations and agencies around the world are actively using GARI 

After two years with the majority of users coming from Latin America, visitors from North America took the lead, following by Latin America, Europe and then in equal parts from Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. 

As important as it is to provide information on the accessibility features in devices, it is equally important to provide the information in ways that can be accessed as widely as possible. For this reason, the MWF has been working to constantly improve the way that the information is made available and in the languages that it can be accessed in. 

If you would like to listen to the report, we have also included an audio format called Speech Links, which you can access via the “play” button in the lower right corner of each page. You’ll find also a list of the Speech Links for direct access here below. 

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