Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What is the mobile accessibility feature you are missing today?

Mobile accessibility is an evolving concept that continuously changes with technological advancements of new models of mobile phones and tablets coming to the market. For this reason, the MMF is carrying out its second stakeholder review of the accessibility features listed on GARI. The review process has been started this week, and we invite you to give us your feedback on the relevance of currently listed features and which new features you would suggest we include. 

When looking at the features listed in GARI, it has to be kept in mind that GARI serves also as reporting tool for manufacturers in countries where accessibility regulations are in place. Some features such as the capability of receiving/sending SMS might seem unnecessary to mention but for the sake of satisfying regulations, it is still listed as an explicit accessibility feature on GARI. 

Also important to consider is the global character of GARI. When suggesting new features, ask yourself whether they are relevant only in your country or across borders as well.

The current list of 110 features is easily accessible via www.gari.info. Under advanced search, you find all the features listed for mobile phones and tablets:  http://www.gari.info/findphones-advanced.cfm

Some of the features that we are already considering are:
  • HD Audio: Device offers high-quality audio sound
  • Head and/or Eyes Recognition: Can the user give commands via head and/or eye movements? 
  • Copy and Paste: Does the device support a copy and paste functionality?
  • Assistive Touch: Is there assistive touch capability on the device, such as tap on screen controls requiring only one finger, for tasks that would typically require more complicated handling? 
  • Response to Prosthetic Device, Pointing Device or Stylus: Do buttons and screen respond to a prosthetic device, pointing device or stylus? A prosthetic device is an artificial device that serves as a replacement for a body part.
  • Braille Display: Does the device support a braille display?
  • Screen View Enlargement: Does the screen enlarger work with all the views, including the web?

Deadline for comments is 29 November 2013. 

Please do consider that the more concrete you are in your suggestions the more likely it is that we can integrate your input. A perfect way to provide your suggestions would be to specify: 
  • The Proposed Feature
  • A Proposed Description of the Feature
  • The Type of Response Required (Yes/No or other response)
  • Any Technical Note or Reference
Examples and use cases are very welcome!

More details on background and objective of the GARI feature review as well on how to submit your comments can be found here.


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