Saturday, March 3, 2018

GARI awarded as Innovative Practice 2018 on Accessible ICT

“Don’t just talk about barriers to accessibility - everyone knows them. Rather present some solutions.” This was the instruction given to the speakers at this year’s Zero Project Conference, taking place in Vienna 21-23 February 2018. And indeed, solutions were presented, including the 68 innovative best practice and 15 innovative best policies for ICT accessibility that were rewarded this year and which can be consulted on the website, including a beautiful fact sheet about GARI as Innovative Practice 2018 on Accessible ICT: 

In the Corporate and Entrepreneurship Forum on the 1st day of the conference, we had the opportunity to explain GARI’s value proposition: to empower consumers through information on accessibility features, to support governments in promoting accessibility in their countries, to help manufacturers with demonstrating compliance, and to support network providers in their service to clients with disabilities or older citizens.

"There are a lot of accessibility features built into our mobile devices today that people are not necessarily aware off. GARI brings this information to the consumers”, explained Michael Milligan, Secretary General of the Mobile & Wireless Forum.

Have a look at the award ceremony:

We say thank you to the Zero Project team for the award and for a great Zero Project Conference 2018!

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